I am currently working 25-29 hours a week for Maryland Community Church (MCC) in Terre Haute, Indiana as their Digital Communications Specialist. I provide graphic design and other assistance to help meet all print and digital design needs for MCC. I have not yet performed these tasks for any other churches, but I certainly can if that is something your church needs!
Valuable services for churches:

• Annual Report Design (digital and/or print)
• Sermon Series Slide Design 
• Sermon Deck Prep (Currently using Propresenter, but have used PowerPoint, Keynote and others)
• Website updates (Currently using Squarespace)
• App updates (Currently using Subsplash)
• Event Promotion Design (print of all sizes and digital/social media)
T-shirt or other Merch Design / online store upkeep (Square)

Use the contact tab above to get a personalized quote. I also love brainstorming sessions if you aren't sure of what you need.

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