I am a graphic designer and communications specialist with over 25 years of career experience. I help create professional, quality communications for a wide variety of clients, at prices more affordable than hiring additional staff or an advertising agency.
If you have communication ideas and need a little creative assistance in bringing them to life – you've come to the right place!

Trained & experienced using the following software:
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Acrobat Pro
• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Photoshop
• WordPress, Squarespace, Subsplash and other CMS
• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• ProPresenter
Premiere Pro, Canva and Adobe Express are other programs I use, that I am currently learning to use better.
*I am also experienced at creating and scheduling social media pieces to numerous platforms to complete an overall promotional sales or event campaign.
Who Am I Not a Good Fit to Work For?
At this time I work for an employer 25-29 hours a week and I am still the 'mom-taxi' for my busy teens. I am not a good fit for those who really need to hire their first in-house designer to complete their day-to-day needs, especially those who have needs which frequently need to be completed in less than two business days.
I work best with clients who either request projects farther in advance or who have more flexible deadlines.
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